About The Cave

Rock Club the Cave is the one and only genuine rock and metal bar in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We have been hardening and re-inventing the steel in the very heart of Amsterdam for more than two decades and we intend to refuse and resist, weather and persevere, for many more years to come! Because, as they say, you can’t stop Rock and Roll!

We founded the Cave back in 1995 for the sole purpose of creating a rock and metal Heaven in a Rock and Roll Hell hole! In fact, we were thrilled to provide music fans, emerging bands, and talented DJs with a place where they could belong and where they could have some great time! Till this very day, we have not changed our unholy mission and we have been consistently rocking and rolling your world seven days a week and six ways to Sunday!

We are located Prinsengracht 472, 1017 KG, Amsterdam and we are here to entertain you and give you nights to remember! And we do this by covering the whole rock and metal spectrum: from blues and classic rock, to heavy metal, prog metal, thrash metal, all types of extreme metal and anything else rock or metal related that you may fancy to listen to! In addition, our staff and DJs are more than happy to play your requests! We also have raw and powerful live acts every Friday and Saturday (and sometimes during the week to accommodate special guests and touring bands) to give you a little taste of what real rock and metal music is and should be all about!

We host special theme-nights and we have guest DJs that are lean, mean rock and metal playing machines! Moreover, we organise and host afterparties after every major rock, metal or punk related concert at the Melkweg and Paradiso. So, if you are wondering where to go chill, grab a drink, and talk to some really nice people about the shows you just experienced, then come down to the Cave and let the good times roll!

Come visit us and capture the true rock and metal spirit of Amsterdam! And this is not the spirit of the radio but the spirit of the Cave. Because you deserve the genuine rock and metal Amsterdam experience! And because We Rock!